The perfect travel motorcycle offers the best compromise between comfort and ability to face any type of terrain.

On the one hand, we have touring bikes like the Honda Goldwing and sport touring like the BMW F900GT, comfortable motorbikes that do not allow big off-road digressions. On the other hand we have enduro and dual sport, which on the contrary do not allow to easily face long stretches on asphalt.

For this reason in recent year the phenomenon of adventure sport bikes, like the Ducati Multistrada, has exploded, a success that has made it possible to reach sales volumes comparable to those of the naked bikes in many countries.

However, there are still traveller who prefer a more traditional motorcycle, therefore with low seat height, compact, light and less expensive.

To partially comply with this demand there are the scramblers, which are nothing more than naked motorcycles with retro style equipped to face simple dirt roads. Nonetheless, they are considered by many people to be "show bikes", in the sense that they have a great charm when stationary, but they are snubbed by those who could ride them to travel. If we also add that they have little or no aerodynamic protection, the scramblers are being completely forgotten by globetrotters.

This is why we thought of proposing a concept that offered the best of each category, a compromise between sportiness and comfort, dirt and asphalt, maintaining a traditional style.

Concept sport touring

These are the main features:

  • the project is based on a medium-sized, compact but well-performing two-cylinder engine (like the new 660 cc Aprilia)
  • reduced seat height to facilitate riding at all
  • tank capacity suitable to travel long distances independently
  • comfortable seat
  • high handlebars to prevent arms strain and maintain a more relaxed posture
  • front fairing to protect the biker from the air at high speeds too
  • sturdy aluminum sump guard to avoid off-road problems
  • hybrid wheels, lightly knobby tires in order to offer safety and comfort even on paved road (like the new Pirelli Scorpion Trail STR)

Concept developed by designer Fabio Federici.